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The present location at 1229 Madison Street, Paducah, Kentucky, served for many years as the Sledd Funeral Home, owned and operated by Dan L. Sledd, Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director and his wife Cordie Pearl Sledd, Licensed Funeral Directress. Their business began in the 1930's and flourished. The owners moved into a new brick building which was built in 1938. Staff members also included Charles H. Diggs, Sr., Apprentice Embalmer and Funeral Director. In the 1940's, Lubie Overstreet and Johnny Broyles were also on staff. Due to Mr. Sledd's declining health, the business was closed in the 1970's.

In November of 1985, an agreement was reached between Cordie Pearl Sledd, Charles H. Diggs, Sr. and Mary E. Pettus to purchase the Sledd Funeral Home. The business was then named Diggs & Pettus Funeral Home. Mr. Diggs passed away on January 17, 1991, and Miss Pettus became sole owner. The funeral home then was named Pettus Funeral Home, Inc.

The business continues to operate and has gone through extensive remodeling, including the addition of a new chapel that the late Richard O. Rowland, Sr., husband to Mary Pettus Rowland, designed and built. Mr. Rowland then served his apprenticeship as a funeral director. The business' name was changed to Pettus-Rowland Funeral Home, Inc., with Richard and Mary Pettus Rowland as owners.

Presently staff members include Mahlon Thomas, Funeral Director, Apprentice Embalmer & Notary; Stephanie Wells, Funeral Directress, Cosmetologist & Notary; Georgia M. Moss and Renita Strong, Lady Attendants; William Anderson, Eric Patterson, Sr., and Victor Strow, Assistants; and Irene Agnew, Publicist.